Marvel Trucking Solutions, Inc.

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Proudly delivering hope to homes and businesses.

Proudly delivering hope to homes and businesses. · Our employees are at a hundred percent, working tirelessly to keep our countrymen safe at home · We are maintaining 70% of deliveries to actively ensure social distancing for our employees · We stand by our country by proactively helping 100% of our clients with their delivery needs. As your frontliners, we keep ourselves safe, so you, OUR CUSTOMERS, and our items, stay safe. – We regularly sanitize our vehicles and delivery…

StaySafe Save Lives

As your frontliners, we  keep items and our staff safe. A. Marvel is Covid free company!:                      1. No confirmed case.                      2. No suspicious case.  B. How we take care of our employees: 1. Cleaning and sanitizing of office and garage. 2. Crew taking vitamins. 3. Washing hands. 4. Always wearing a mask. 5. Temperature check before entering the garage. 6….