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Marvel Basketball League 2022

Welcome to Marvel’s first-ever Basketball League! In an effort to promote teamwork and camaraderie, Marvel Trucking Solutions designs various activities that excite our family and to further motivate them in their everyday work. #MarvelBasketballLeague2022 #MarvelTruckingSolutionsInc. #BasketballLeague2022

Trucking Services by Marvel Trucking Solutions, Inc.

Marvel Employee Series

~Getting to know the heroes behind your deliveries~ “Si Marvel lahat gagawin niya para sa empleyado niya hindi sa sarili lang niya. Totoong tumulong siya at hindi kami pinabayaan sa pandemic,” says Marvel Driver Joseph Cabasal on how Marvel Trucking Solutions has not only helped Filipinos nationwide but has also uplifted the lives of its drivers and helpers and their families amidst challenging times. Joseph Cabasal Marvel Driver since 2018 For more information, please visit


Watch this space as more Marvel heroes share their stories with the company. Their stories will make you laugh, cry and be inspired with the way that our drivers, helpers and riders move for Filipinos. For more information on our team and our services, please visit or send us a message

House Moving?

‘Yung iba, nilibot na ang buong Pilipinas para sa Trusted, Reliable, Safe, and Well-Trained House Movers, Office Movers, and Delivery Service pero hindi yata dumaan sa Pasig at Pampanga kasi hindi kami nakita! Oh, hahanap ka pa ba ng iba? Eh si Marvel Trucking, may NCR na, may North pa! Kaya kung balak mong maglipat, tawag ka na agad! Pag-usapan na natin ‘yan!

Stay home! Stay safe!!!

Stay home! Stay safe!!!   Kami na ang lalabas para magdeliver para sa inyo!   Gusto mo magpadala ng pagkain para sa pamilya o kaibigan mo? Kami na magdeliver!   May binili ka sa favorite online store mo? Kami na magdeliver!   Sa bahay ka, kami na magdeliver.   Send us a PM for your delivery bookings Text /Call or Viber us 09178944374

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