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Batangas Relief Operation

Last January 12, 2020, Taal Volcano erupted unexpectedly that nearby barangays surrounding it were forced to evacuate.

Fear and anxiety reigned as the victims watch their properties, livelihood, and all that they had turn into nothing.

Meanwhile, different individuals and organizations started collecting donations for the displaced residents of the Taal Volcano eruption.

Two of these organizations are Pasigueño Car Club and Pasig Knight Defender Rescue Volunteer Group Inc.. They conducted relief operations and started collecting donations everyday since the eruption. But the two organizations, although were able to collect more than what they were expecting, needed a vehicle big enough to fit all the donations for the evacuation centers in Batangas for the Taal Volcano victims. Marvel Trucking Solutions Inc. played their part to support the relief operations by lending their trucks to help deliver the donations.

It is true that love and care for one another unites us Filipinos regardless of ties and bonds, color and age.

Thank you, Lord for the privilege to help and for the success of the Batangas Relief Operations.
It was a great treasure for us to serve you!